5 important facts about USA Hotels

A hotel is that establishment which provides lodging for a short period of time. The person who stays in the hotel needs to pay certain amount of money as per the services availed and kind of accommodation taken. There are interior entrances in the hotels only and thus they differ from that of motel. There are certain facts about USA hotels that need to be known.

Hotels in USA provide an array of services apart from the general ones. If you are the guest looking for accommodation, you can expect to get an array of additional services like swimming pool, restaurant services and the childcare assistance. Some places even provide meeting rooms, conference and board rooms with all the audio visual aids to let a business traveler host meetings and conferences.


Previous USA hotels just offered very basic facilities like a single bedroom with a cupboard, bed, table and washstand and these are now replaced by more sophisticated facilities like HVAC system, climatic control, Television, telephone, alarm clock, broadband connection for internet and Wi-Fi.

Private Hotels

In the entire USA, hotels are supposed to serve the food and drink to the arriving guests for a particular period of time. There is some time limit after which it cannot be served. This is the reason for the influx of private hotels in the hospitality industry.


You will find an ensuite bathroom and mini-bar supplying food and drink. The room even has a small or mini refrigerator holding food and drinks for the guest. There is also the facility of making coffee or tea with spoons, cups, electric kettle, creamer or milk, sugar.


Private hotels are not bound to this restriction and can serve as per the needs of the guest. The quality of hotels and the prices charged shows a lot about the facilities you will get. Now, there are rating systems being introduced whereby one can allot the number of stars basing on the services offered in the hotels.

A lot many USA hotels are boutique hotels offering personalized services featuring luxurious and quirky environment. When compared to the larger chain of hotels, they provide exceptionally personalized services as required by the cherished guests. You can avail a lot of facilities and services. Being aspirational, stylish and themed, they are pretty smaller than the mainstream hotels. You will find all the facilities including Wi-Fi connection, telephone connectivity, and site dining facility, and pay TV, cable. If needed, you can also avail lounging and bar facilities apart from the onsite dining. Discerning travelers lay great emphasis on privacy and luxury.

When it comes to USA hotels, you can enjoy a number of accommodations like Luxury accommodation, cheap accommodation or accommodations in downtown hotels. If one wishes to enrich travel experience in the USA, it is must to consider luxury hotels like Rancho Las Palmas, La Quinta Resort, Le Parker Meridien. Among the hotels, Esmeralda Renaissance Hotel is the finest retreat located in Santa Rosa Mountains. To expend the least, one may choose to stay in cheaper hotels. Caliente Tropics is one of the best hotels but rates are extremely affordable. So, there is someone for everyone in the USA.

5 important facts about USA Hotels