5 important facts about USA Hotels

5 important facts about USA Hotels

A hotel is that establishment which provides lodging for a short period of time. The person who stays in the hotel needs to pay certain amount of money as per the services availed and kind of accommodation taken. There are interior entrances in the hotels only and thus they differ from that of motel. There are certain facts about USA hotels that need to be known.

Hotels in USA provide an array of services apart from the general ones. If you are the guest looking for accommodation, you can expect to get an array of additional services like swimming pool, restaurant services and the childcare assistance. Some places even provide meeting rooms, conference and board rooms with all the audio visual aids to let a business traveler host meetings and conferences.


Previous USA hotels just offered very basic facilities like a single bedroom with a cupboard, bed, table and washstand and these are now replaced by more sophisticated facilities like HVAC system, climatic control, Television, telephone, alarm clock, broadband connection for internet and Wi-Fi.

Private Hotels

In the entire USA, hotels are supposed to serve the food and drink to the arriving guests for a particular period of time. There is some time limit after which it cannot be served. This is the reason for the influx of private hotels in the hospitality industry.


You will find an ensuite bathroom and mini-bar supplying food and drink. The room even has a small or mini refrigerator holding food and drinks for the guest. There is also the facility of making coffee or tea with spoons, cups, electric kettle, creamer or milk, sugar.


Private hotels are not bound to this restriction and can serve as per the needs of the guest. The quality of hotels and the prices charged shows a lot about the facilities you will get. Now, there are rating systems being introduced whereby one can allot the number of stars basing on the services offered in the hotels.

A lot many USA hotels are boutique hotels offering personalized services featuring luxurious and quirky environment. When compared to the larger chain of hotels, they provide exceptionally personalized services as required by the cherished guests. You can avail a lot of facilities and services. Being aspirational, stylish and themed, they are pretty smaller than the mainstream hotels. You will find all the facilities including Wi-Fi connection, telephone connectivity, and site dining facility, and pay TV, cable. If needed, you can also avail lounging and bar facilities apart from the onsite dining. Discerning travelers lay great emphasis on privacy and luxury.

When it comes to USA hotels, you can enjoy a number of accommodations like Luxury accommodation, cheap accommodation or accommodations in downtown hotels. If one wishes to enrich travel experience in the USA, it is must to consider luxury hotels like Rancho Las Palmas, La Quinta Resort, Le Parker Meridien. Among the hotels, Esmeralda Renaissance Hotel is the finest retreat located in Santa Rosa Mountains. To expend the least, one may choose to stay in cheaper hotels. Caliente Tropics is one of the best hotels but rates are extremely affordable. So, there is someone for everyone in the USA.

5 important facts about USA Hotels

Common Pitfalls of Payday Loans

Common Pitfalls of Payday Loans

Payday loans are very popular in the UK as they offer easy, quick, and straightforward relief to financial stress. All it takes is an online application and confirmation call to acquire payday loans, which are transferred to your bank account in 1 hour, 24 hours, or 48 hours. So basically, there are instant loans that you can borrow, even in cases where you have a bad credit score. However, there are some common pitfalls of payday loans that all borrowers must be familiar with by now. Many people end up in the vicious debt cycle because they fail to realise that payday loans also have other charges and fees attached to them which can significantly add up if they don’t repay them on time or in full. Let’s take a look at the pitfalls of payday loans that can help you make the right decision when in need.

The Downsides of Payday Loans

One of the major concerns regarding payday loans is that the borrower is required to repay the amount within the month of transaction or when they get their next paycheque. Now remember, that since payday loans are for small amounts, the interest rates are significantly higher than the average loans and range from 10% to 30%. So basically, if you fail to clear the loan after your next paycheque, then you are likely going to have to bear higher interest rates, as well as the additional costs and fees associated with the loan, which may or may not increase, depending on the terms and conditions of the lender for approving the loan and lending you the amount. As the payback period is up to 30 days for payday loans, if you fail to pay during this period, the interest rate charged may double by the time you get your next paycheque. Hence, it is strongly advised that people who are already in debt should not use payday loans, especially for debt consolidation, because in this way, you are only getting yourself stuck deeper in the debt cycle. It is also worth mentioning that since payday loans have become so easy to acquire online, there are instances where a person may become a victim of fraud. Hence, it is recommended that borrowers do thorough research and verify the lending source when obtaining payday loans online. People with no regular source of income or job stability should avoid getting payday loans at all costs. Also, people with no checking account cannot secure a loan as they are not able to write a cheque. If one or both of the aforementioned cases are applicable to you, then it is better if you ask your friends and family to lend you some money for the time being rather than being tied with a loan. Last but not the least, if your financial needs outweigh the amount you may receive from different lenders, then it is best to consider other financial instruments rather than a payday loan.…
How to obtain a long term loan?

How to obtain a long term loan?

There are some things that money we earn can buy and other things that are out of the reach for an average salaried individual or even an entrepreneur who hasn’t really hit the height as yet. People can often finance their day to day expenses as well as some occasional extravagance. Unfortunately, there are certain expenses such as buying a car, refurnishing your house, etc. that need a sizeable amount of money saved up. Unless you are an avid saver of money, you will find it hard to finance such activities. How then can a person finance their needs? The easiest way to do that is to get Long term loans. These loans are typically spread out over payment schedule of 15 years or more. This makes them easier to get. This article outlines a step by step approach to obtaining a long term loan.

1.     What is the exact amount of money you need

Before you jump on band wagon and apply for a long term loan, it is important that you know how much capital you need. Long term loans can differ in terms and conditions and only when you know the exact amount you need, will you be able to make the right choice.

2.      Choose the right Loan Company

The UK is one of the more competitive markets as far as financial institutions and loan offerings are concerned. As a borrower, you need to pick and choose the right loan company from amongst all of the options that are available. However, there is no one right company. Different companies have different long term loan offerings and the right one for you, will be one that you are most comfortable accepting.

3.     Fill the Loan Application Form

Once you have chosen the right bank, and know the exact amount of loan that you need. You will need to go to a branch of that financial institution and take its loan application form. This loan application form is your formal loan request and needs to be filled in properly and with all information kept up to date. The application form will ask you details about yourself, your finances and about the loan itself, such as its length, the amount required, the payment schedule, use of the loan, etc.

4.     Prove Yourself Credible for the Loan

A long term loan is a sizeable investment by the lender and they need all the assurances that they can get to make sure that they are loaning the amount to the right person. They will take a look at your credit history and ask for you some relevant information about your finances. On your part, as long as the information and questioning does not turn into an uncomfortable interrogation, you need to cooperate with them to get the loan.

5.     Finalize the Scheduled payments

At the final stage of the loan, you need to sit down with the financial institutions representative to finalize the scheduled payments you’ll be making per month. Make sure the payments are kept at a manageable level, even if it means stretching out the loan longer.…
Tax Warning Buy to Let Landlords Should Know

Tax Warning Buy to Let Landlords Should Know

Great Britain, as a nation, is obsessed with mortar and bricks, but financial experts warn investors of unfavorable days ahead.


This is purely because both, conservative chancellor and the Bank of England tried to eliminate the property bubble market that has been core reason for inflation in the nation. Since April 2016, new tax related forces have been implied, only to bring bad news for landlords. Read along to find out four ways that has led to unfavorable tax changes for buy to let landlords:

There is stamp duty on buying secondary properties

Do you have any property besides your primary home? Well, if so—the stamp duty for any such property has mounted. If you have buy to let properties that is worth more than 40,000 UK pounds, stamp duty applicable on them is an additional 3 percent. So say, if your buy to let property investment is 500,000 UK pounds, your stamp duty will be 6 percent (30,000 pounds!)

There is income tax relief on mortgage interest cut

Up till now, the tax reliefs on mortgage interest for buy to let landlords was around 45 percent (marginal rate of the income tax), it is now only at 20 percent. For basic rate tax payers, this is no change, however, it has increased income tax substantially.

There is tax on buy to let turnover—not on income

This might not be an oblivious change, but it sure is a crafty one. This tax makes sit expensive for buy to let landlords. Let’s look in to an example to comprehend the tax: X is a buy to let landlord who currently rents out a house worth 250,000 pounds and earns a gross rental income of around 4 percent. So, that leaves him with 10,000 pounds in a year from rental income. Before the tax being implied, X could deduct 10 percent for the wear and tear, without being accountable for any bills. However, now he needs to have a proof in order to show any expenses incurred for maintenance. Let’s assume, X did not pay a single penny in maintaining the house since it was new. So now, the 10 percent he could have deducted (before new tax implied) can now not be used. With changes in tax, X is still receiving 10,000 pounds from the rental income but paying out 40 percent (4000 pounds) out of it! At the end of the year, X is badly affected by the new tax laws.

The capital gains tax remains unchanged

While capital gains tax remain unchanged, all other investments are now more lucrative. So, if you own a property/house then it still holds attractiveness as there is no capital gains tax if you sell it off. However, for buy to let landlords it is time to switch for other types of investments to look out for better opportunities in the future.…
What You Need to Know about Dividend Growth Investors?

What You Need to Know about Dividend Growth Investors?

Dividend growth is a simple concept yet most investors do not go through the path of dividend growth. One reason for this may be the fact that it can be boring to be a dividend growth investor because you simply sit on the funds that are planted at a particular organisation and left for a number of years to grow. The overall earnings from a good dividend investment, though can provide you the best results possible from a particular investment. Here are few of the important concepts that you need to know when observing the way dividend growth investors operate to make profits.

Understanding Dividends

Dividends are part of the profits of a company which are shared with its shareholders, according to their share in the company. A public limited company that makes profits has to pay dividends if it has enough money available after planning expansion activities. Companies that pay dividends keep investors interested and do not find much problem in financing their business needs.

Dividend Yield

The concept of dividend yield is consistent with increasing profits, but it is important to understand that sometimes, increased dividend yield may point to a failing company due to low share prices. The yield is defined as the annual dividend for each year divided by the price of the share at the end of the business term. It should not be used as a primary concept to learn about dividend growth because the growth depends more on the quality of the company and its investments towards its expansion and efficient financial working.

The Payout Ratio

The payout ratio refers to the ratio of the shared earnings of the company to the total earnings of the company. Many limited liability companies use the model of a fixed percentage which is distributed to the shareholders. Companies often decide to share a specific percentage, such as sharing 10% or 20% of their annual savings with their shareholders. These savings are then distributed according to the total number of shares of the organisation. Dividend growth investors stay patiently with such an organisation especially the one which is also growing consistently each year. The payout may be a small amount but as the numbers of years pass and the size of the company grows, small payouts add up to create a huge amount of savings that show amazing average growth.

The Use of Rising Stocks

Dividend growth investors around the world have been using growing companies as the best investment options. Companies such as Nestle, Kellogg, Coca Cola and others have grown rapidly over a number of years in size and their shareholders have seen an amazing appreciation in the shares they once bought many years ago.

The Final Word

Dividend growth investors are smart people who find good companies with solid growth and leave a sum invested in them for a long period of time. Ultimately, the return from such companies can be much greater than money invested in other ventures. Dividend growth strategy is also excellent because it builds up a strong market presence as well because of constantly buying more shares of a company with each growth cycle.…